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Most of our tattooing is custom and we do it by appointment. We encourage you to call ahead to make an appointment for a consultation. Cover-ups and reworks are also available.

We accept walk-ins when possible.

We use single service needles and pigment on all of our tattoos. All of our equipment is sterilized in an autoclave.

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C.W. Eldridge

Chuck Eldridge Name Plate

Chuck has been tattooing since 1978, in and around the San Francisco/Berkeley area. In 2007 he moved the Tattoo Archive to Winston Salem, NC.  Chuck enjoys tattooing all styles.

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Lea Smith

Lea Smith Name Plate

Lea has been tattooing since 1987. As a second-generation tattooist, she has followed in her mother’s footsteps to learn everything she could about the art and history of tattooing—a journey that continues today. Lea understands the importance of growing as an artist and knows she’ll have lots of opportunity at the Tattoo Archive.

She has tattooed in North Carolina, Washington DC, New York City, Maryland and most recently, Virginia. She enjoys tattooing all styles.

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