Will Whitaker at Paint and Paper Films, kindly produced a short 5 minute film of Chuck at the Tattoo Archive. Got 5 minutes? Check it out!

Historical Tattoo Business Cards. Business cards are one of our favorite pieces of tattoo memorabilia to collect. They are small, easy to store and typically contain vital information about the tattooists and their businesses. They generally include the tattooist’s name, perhaps even their needle-name, the name of the shop, street address, telephone number, and services offered. This exhibition will feature tattoo business cards from around the world. It's free to the public and will run through August 30, 2018.

After 50 years of collecting tattoo memorabilia from around the world, the time has come for us to start selling original, and often one-of-a-kind items from the Tattoo Archive's collection. These items will be listed in the Collector's Corner section of our Online Store and will range from paper ephemera to frames, tubes, machines, flash, business cards, etc. We’ll be adding items to the Collector’s Corner regularly, so please stop by often.

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